Vitaly Ignatiev: “Looks like the RM's representatives are interested in blocking the planned work of the JCC”


Acting Foreign Minister of the PMR, member of the Pridnestrovian delegation in the Joint Control Commission Vitaly Ignatiev commented to Novosti Pridnestrovya on the course of negotiations on the platform of governing body of the peacekeeping operation

​- Vitaly Viktorovich, it is the third session when the Moldovan delegation to the Joint Control Commission blocks approval of a new representative of the Russian Federation in the JCC - Lieutenant Colonel Gachurin Aleksei Ivanovich. What could be the consequences of such an approach of the Moldovan side?

- The position of the Moldovan delegation arouses a serious concern. This is the third consecutive meeting when the Moldovan side refuses to include the issue on approval of the Russian representative in the JCC in the agenda. The RM’s delegation does not really clarify its position and the situation which develops because of its blocking approaches, stating only that the Russian delegation’s request is not allegedly acute, exceptional.

The danger of the disposition is that the refuse to discuss the approval of a new representative of the RF has resulted in failure to approve three weekly reports of military observers on the situation in the Security Zone, as well as a new military observer from Russia.

It creates, in effect, a stalemate when the delegation for the reasons given above cannot discuss even organizational matters. And this despite the fact that in early September in a completely identical regime the representative of the Foreign Ministry of the PMR was approved as a JCC permanent expert, and previously the representatives of Ukraine and of the Republic of Moldova itself had been approved. All of these procedures were implemented in full compliance with the regulations of the JCC and decisions of the Commission. This approach is being offered by the Russian delegation now, however, representatives of Moldova block the work.

Today, there has been, unfortunately, a record short meeting of the Joint Control Commission –about 20 minutes. It seems that the representatives of the RM are interested in blocking the planned work of the JCC and undermining mechanisms of the peacekeeping operation for the purpose of false demonstration of its alleged inefficiency.

The Pridnestrovian delegation believes that this approach is unacceptable. The Russian Federation is responsible guarantor of the normalization of relations between Pridnestrovie and Moldova, an equal member of the peacekeeping operation, and the representative appointed by it must be able to start its work in the framework of the Joint Control Commission in full accordance with the established rules. The Pridnestrovian side together with Russian partners will seek the approval of the Russian representative that will allow to move forward. Hopefully, a rational approach of our Moldovan colleagues will prevail, the sides will be able to resolve organizational issues and start discussing the main working agenda of the JCC.

Source: Novosti Pridnestrovya News Agency