Evgeny Shevchuk, “The History of Pridnestrovie is Part of the History of Russia”

Evgeny Shevchuk, “The History of Pridnestrovie is Part of the History of Russia”

Today, following the opening ceremony of museum exposition “Pridnestrovie – a Russian boundary!” President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Yevgeny Shevchuk, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Special Representative of the President of the RF for Pridnestrovie Dmitry Rogozin, and also State Secretary, Deputy Defense Minister of the RF Nikolai Pankov made a comment to media representatives.

Yevgeny Shevchuk, the President of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, “Today, you could see the exposition which showed the history of Pridnestrovie. It is closely interwoven with the Russian one. This is a part of Russia. You can observe it in the exhibits reflecting historical events that took place in Pridnestrovie.Taking the opportunity I would like to thank all those whose efforts made the display of Pridnestrovian exhibits in Moscow possible. Today, the world is trying to oust all what is Russian from the Pridnestrovian people. But we, the Pridnestrovians, try to preserve, protect our history and build our future basing on it. I invite all interested residents and guests of Moscow to take this opportunity to familiarize with the history of Pridnestrovie.”Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Special Representative of the President of the RF for Pridnestrovie, “The present exhibition is, of course, a great event both in the life of Pridnestrovie, and in the history of Russian – Pridnestrovian relations. The Pridnestrovian land is a unique place where swords were crossed many times, primarily in defense of Russia.This land is soaked with the blood. Certainly, there is no Russian statehood there, but there are the citizens of Russia there. They are very numerous – about 200 thousand. And if to count those Pridnestrovians who jointly and unanimously voted for Russia in different referenda, it may be said, potentially there are yet more citizens of the Russian Federation there. The most important thing is that this is land and people who live on it, grow up, defend this land, and remember the history which is common with us. They endured much in their life. And those people who remember their history, they, of course, see their future and believe in it. This is very important.In the Russian Federation military-historical society has been rebuilt now. Its activity is supported by the President of Russia. I have the honor to lead the Board of trustees of the Russian military-historical society. I can confidently say the jubilee of the Iasi-Kishinev operation and other major events related to the military history of Russia, attract and will attract to the territory of Pridnestrovie not only those people who care about economic safety level of the Pridnestrovian land, but also those who are integral part of the Russian world, who consider Pridnestrovie as a part of the Russian world, and the history of Pridnestrovie as the history of the Russian Federation.Today, we see disturbing developments at the borders of Pridnestrovie. We never forget the tragedy that has occurred recently in Odessa, the tragedy that is unfolding in south-east of Ukraine. We hope that the Pridnestrovians will have enough historical memory, it will be enough, to set an example that other people know how to respect their own history. They will have enough strength, patience, and sangfroid to protect their own land from the events developing, unfortunately, in Ukraine today. We only want to wish our brothers and sisters to be the same as they are.As for the Russian Federation, it will be entirely fulfill its own historical role – the role as a guarantor of peace and security of the Pridnestrovian land, as a peacekeeper in accordance with its international commitments. As there are a large number of the RF's citizens, their lives and safety are a cause of concern for the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Defense of the rights of the RF's citizens regardless how far from the national borders of the RF they live is therefore in the interest area of the Russian state. It is a directive of the President, and this is a directive of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.I wish the Pridnestrovian people to continue in that spirit, build relations with all their neighbors very carefully, establish the dialogue with Kishinev that is essential. And Russia will fulfill its duty to the end, fully meet its commitments, as prescribed by the Constitution, directives, instructions of the President of Russia, and in general, by our civic awareness that our people live there, in Pridnestrovie”.

Nikolai Pankov, the State Secretary, Deputy Defense Minister of the RF, “As for the present exhibition. It is the result of the joint work of Pridnestrovie's museum and the Central museum of the Armed forces of the RF. The exhibition is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Iasi-Kishinev operation, one of the most glorious military- strategic operations during the Second World War. But it has already been said that it goes far beyond this operation. The work with Pridnestorive is not end by this joint project. There are more museum projects ahead and a large number of other cultural artistic joint events. Our celebrated creative teams, our Grekov Studio of Military Artists will work there”.

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