Pridnestrovien Observers: Presidential Elections in the Republic of Abkhazia Correspond to All International Standards in Given Sphere


As it has already been reported, the delegation of the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic participates in monitoring of early presidential elections in the Republic of Abkhazia. Today international observers from Pridnestrovie, including Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Yastrebchak and Chairman of PMR's Central Electoral Commission Petr Denisenko, attended a number of polling stations in Gulrib, Achimchir and Sukhum districts of Abkhazia.

They marked high activity of the voters, equal conditions, created for the observers, representing all three candidates at all polling stations, and high level of organization of electoral process.

Pridnestrovien observers pointed, that the organization of expression of citizens' of the Republic of Abkhazia will on given stage completely conform to the legislation of the RA and meet all international standards in given sphere.

Pridnestrovien delegation continues to monitor presidential elections in the Republic of Abkhazia.