Statement by the PMR Foreign Ministry Press Service regarding the continuing practice of avoiding meetings with Pridnestrovie by the Republic of Moldova


As previously reported by the Press Service of the PMR's MFA, a meeting of representatives on political issues from Pridnestrovie and Moldova was held on May 5, during which it was agreed to hold a meeting of expert (working) groups on education in the presence of representatives on political issues that week. They also discussed prospects for organizing a number of other meetings at the level of specialized expert (working) groups that week and the week after. The Pridnestrovian side sent corresponding invitations to the representative on political issues from the Republic of Moldova Gheorghe Balan.

The Press Service of the PMR's MFA has to state that Moldova refused the Pridnestrovian side’s initiative to hold meetings. Moreover, the Moldovan side avoids even those meetings, the dates of which were previously offered by Moldova itself. The Moldovan side’s systematic avoidance of functional communication creates additional obstacles in the negotiation process and is not conducive to finding compromise solutions for existing and worsening problems in the dialogue.

The Pridnestrovian side once again calls on the Republic of Moldova to return to the mature, equitable, mutually respectful dialogue and to engage in finding solutions to the vital issues of negotiation process. Pridnestrovie also addresses to the mediators and observers to use their influence on the Moldovan side to enhance the dialogue and to ensure its focus on results.

The Press Service informs that the relevant appeal was sent today to RM representative on political issues Gheorghe Balan and other representatives in the “Permanent Conference ...” in the 5+2 format.