Presentation of a new digest concerning the work of executive power takes place in Tiraspol

Today, presentation of an illustrated edition devoted to the work of executive power bodies has been held in Tiraspol. The digest “Executive power of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic in 2008” was prepared by the scientific and historic department of the PMR's President Administration  and has been published with a circulation of 600 copies.

The new book's presentation was attended by the President of Pridnestrovie Igor Smirnov, members of the Cabinet of Ministers, heads of regional and local authorities. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic Vladimir Yastrebchak also took part in the given event.  

As the Advisor of the Head of the State Ann Volkova told, this digest was based on annual reports of ministries and departments, as well as of the state authorities of towns and regions of the Republic. Its task is to give a full view of the work of executive power bodies in the previous year.

In his presentation of the edition, Igor Smirnov referred to it as to the visual aid which reflects a real life of the whole Republic, “avoiding clichéd approaches and glossing”. According to the Head of the State, a new digest enables the reader to personally estimate efficiency of the Republic's acting system of the state government. Igor Smirnov marked that figures and facts, presented in it, will be useful not only to the present-day generation of the Pridnestrovian people, but to its successors as well.

Such kind of a book is published in Pridnestrovie for the first time. Its creators announced that this undertaking is to be continued – edition is planned to become annual.