Statement of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic on the Actions of the Moldavian Side in Joint Control Commission, aimed to Destabilization of Situation in Security Zone


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic states with regret, that actions of the representatives of the Moldavian side in Joint Control Commission minimize efforts of Moldavian and Pridnestrovien leadership, diplomats, intermediaries and observers, aimed to strengthen confidence between the sides of the conflict and to resume official work of Permanent Consultations on Political Issues in the Framework of the Pridnestrovien Settlement Negotiation Process.

In the current year only, about thirty incidents of provocative nature, directed to utmost aggravation of situation in Security Zone, including the district with Heighten Security Regime, was fixed. The representatives of power structures of the Republic of Moldova and members of Moldavian delegation in Joint Control Commission are the initiators of these “unfriendly actions”. Provocative actions of the Moldavian participants of JCC have evidently aforethought nature and aim to discredit peacekeeping operation on the Dniester, to attract to this topic the attention of international organizations with the view of supporting the process of withdrawal of Russian Peacekeepers from Pridnestrovie, which is desirable for Moldova.

 In particular, special attention of Moldavian delegation in JCC is lately paid to the problem, which, according to the opinion of Kishinev, in spite of its commitment and farfetchedness, is nonlosing in eyes of Western community, because it states, that children are “victims of lawlessness”. What is meant here is conflict, initiated by Moldavian delegation on the problem of transporting of children from Grigoriopol district through the border check-point to Dorotskoe rural settlement to lyceum of Moldavian Ministry of Education. Actions of the PMR's border guards, who on legal grounds asked accompanying persons to show list of children and corresponding documents, were construed as violation of the rights of citizens. This artificially created topic is used by Moldavian delegation in JCC with persistent constancy, leading away the rest participants of the Commission from discussing topical issues.

Besides, Ministry of Foreign Affairs is concerned with increasing of quantitative personnel of policemen from the Republic of Moldova in districts with Heighten Security Regime and civilians, who are instigated by Moldavian representatives to actions of protest and insubordination in respect of representatives of power of the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic.

In connection with this Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR announces with responsibility, that the Pridnestrovien side reserves the right on making adequate arrangement, directed to stabilization of situation in Security Zone and preventing from escalation of the conflict.

We appeal to representatives of guarantor states – Russia and Ukraine, to intermediaries and observers in the process of Moldova-Pridnestrovie settlement with request to pay attention to actions of the Moldavian side in Security Zone, which may lead to aggravation of relations between Kishinev and Tiraspol and become menace for stability in this region of Europe.