Statement by the Press Service of the PMR’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs


According to information received by the Foreign Ministry of the PMR, today, at the Kishinev airport armed police officers of the Republic of Moldova detained without explanation and then deported for 15 years Radislav Sabirov, Pridnestrovie’s defender, retired Colonel of Special Rapid Deployment Force of Tatarstan. Special Forces Veteran was in Pridnestrovie on a private visit, inter alia he took part in the festivities on the City Day of Bendery.

We regret to state that the vicious practice of pressure on the Pridnestrovian side by restricting entry and deportation of Russian citizens traveling to the Republic gets threatening systemic. It is noteworthy that such demonstrative actions contradicting to the spirit of the civilized interstate communication are deliberately organized with particular cynicism against the citizens of the Russian Federation – journalists, experts, politicians, representatives of the scientific community, which, according to the Pridnestrovian side, demonstrates the desire of RM leadership to systematically hinder the development of strategic partnership between Russia and Pridnestrovie.

Restrictive measures taken by the Republic of Moldova have a negative effect on the atmosphere of the dialogue between two countries and do not contribute to the construction of open partnership relations. In this context, the Foreign Ministry states about the inadmissibility of any unilateral steps aimed at blocking social and humanitarian relations and international contacts of the Republic, impeding free movement of people.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR emphasizes that such hostile actions by the Moldovan side complicate the entire spectrum of relations between Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova, inevitably reflecting on the prospects and nature of the bilateral communication.