On the Meeting with Rector of RSUTE Sergey Baburin


Today PMR's Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Malyarchuk received Rector of Russian State University of Trade and Economics (RSUTE) Sergey Baburin, who came to Pridnestrovie in order to participate in festivities, dedicated to the 21st Anniversary of creation of the Republic.

While congratulating the leadership of PMR's foreign office with the Republic Day, Russian guest marked, that during the past years Pridnestrovie managed to demonstrate convincingly to the whole world it's viability and state's self-sufficiency. According to Sergey Baburin high extent of consolidation of Pridnestrovien society has always been the basis, which provides the country with stability in domestic policy. He expressed confidence that the Pridnestroviens will manage to preserve this public unity in the face of new challenges of time.

Alexander Malyarchuk informed Sergey Baburin about current situation in Moldova-Pridnestrovie settlement. According to PMR's Deputy Foreign Minister, a number of important meetings on foreign-policy direction, able to create premises for the activization of the dialogue between Tiraspol and Kishinev on conditions that the equality of the sides will be observed and reached agreements will be implemented with guarantee, will take place in September.   

Appraising political situation on the Dniester, Rector of RSUTE paid attention to the number of factors, which put obstacles in the way of activization of the process of settlement. Political instability in Moldova and the attempts of Romania as the member of EU to influence actively on the processes, that take place in the region, are among them.

Summarizing the conversation, Sergey Baburin pointed, that the situation on the Dniester needs constant and intent attention of Russia. He also expressed his opinion, that Moscow must play more active role in protection of the rights of it's compatriots in Pridnestrovie.