The PMR MFA head meets with the European Union delegation

Today the EU delegation headed by the Director of European Commission for countries of Eastern Europe, Southern Caucasus and Central Asia Gunnar Wiegand has visited Tiraspol. The meeting between the European diplomats and the head of the department Vladimir Yastrebchak was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PMR. The EU delegation also consisted of the chief negotiator of Eurocommission in the Republic of Moldova Cesare de Montis, curator for Moldova of the EU General Director of foreign policy Remi Dufflo, the head of political and economic department of the European Commission delegation in RM Wolfgang Behrendt, the political adviser of EU Special Representative to Moldova Mindaugas Kacherauskis. From the Pridnestrovien side the meeting was also attended by Deputy Minister Alexander Maliarchuk.

One of the main topics of conversation was the situation which has developed in the process of Moldova-Pridnestrovie settlement. In particular, the European diplomats were interested in the perspectives of the resumption of “5+2” consultations. As it was noted, the corresponding appeal is written in the text of the Joint Statement which was accepted as a result of the meeting between the Presidents of Russia, Moldova and Pridnestrovie. Vladimir Yastrebchak reminded that Pridnestrovie has always expressed its willingness to work in the “5+2” format but only when all the necessary conditions for such cooperation are created. It is this kind of appeal that is fixed in the Statement of the three Presidents.

As the head of PMR MFA noted, Kishinev is still applying the system of pressure measures against Pridnestrovie which cannot be a favorable background for carrying on a productive and equal dialogue. At the same time Vladimir Yastrebchak paid attention to the consultative  character of the “5+2” format, pointing out that it is meant for discussing variants but in no way for ratifying and making final decisions. This is the prerogative of conflict sides. The interlocutors also discussed the possible steps which can stimulate the work of expert groups of Moldova and Pridnestrovie created last year. Representatives of the European Union confirmed their willingness to assist the sides in such work aimed at solving certain difficulties faced by the people of the region.

In particular, the problems arising as a result of the necessity of Pridnestrovien enterprises to register their goods in the customs of Moldova were spoken about. Besides, the interlocutors discussed an issue of resumption of the full-scale railway traffic through the Pridnestrovien side. According to Vladimir Yastrebchak, this problem being unsolved not only creates difficulties for the population but also leads to price increase of some Pridnestrovien goods as a result of increase of transport expenses which economic agents of PMR bear.   European representatives were also interested in the process of harmonization of Pridnestrovien legislation with Russian. The corresponding decision was taken following the results of the referendum which was held in Pridnestrovie in 2006 and which defined the course of its development together with Russia.