Statement by the MFA of the PMR regarding the provocation against the Head of the Foreign Ministry of Pridnestrovie


​Today, on February 1, 2016, during the procedure of passport control at the airport in Kishinev before flight departure to the capital of the Russian Federation in the framework of working trip Head of the Foreign Ministry of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic Vitaly Ignatiev was subjected to the extra searches on the so-called “second line”.

Employees of the RM’s migration police could not provide any clear reasons for the application of the control measures against the representative of the Pridnestrovian leadership, who is a citizen of Pridnestrovie and the Russian Federation.

It is notable that during the inspection of personal belongings of the Pridnestrovian diplomat the member of migration police was particularly interested in the possible presence of official documents and materials in the baggage or hand luggage.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR expresses the strong protest against the demonstrably provocative actions of the Moldovan authorities against the head of the Pridnestrovian diplomacy, who is a representative on political issues in the negotiation process.

The PMR's MFA considers this kind of administrative and restrictive measures as an obvious form of direct political pressure on Pridnestrovie’s official representative in the negotiating process, which is contrary to generally accepted international diplomatic norms, procedures of cooperation in the negotiation process, including in the “5+2” format, as well as the logic and the principles of mutual good communication. Such antics negate the efforts of the sides and external participants in the negotiation process on the establishment of an atmosphere of trust and are completely unacceptable.

Increasing attempts in recent months of large-scale use of such primitive methods of influence on the leadership and citizens of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic show a rapid degradation of the level of political culture of official Kishinev, highlight the lack of respect of the Moldovan authorities for formal commitments made in the international negotiation process.

The Foreign Ministry of Pridnestrovie will address in the near future to the representative on political issues of the Republic of Moldova Gheorghe Balan with the requirement to provide an explanation in connection with the provocative actions at the airport of Kishinev against the representative on political issues of Pridnestrovie.

The Pridnestrovian side will further inform all “5+2” participants about the incident and appeal to provide the relevant official assessment of the RM’s actions, which adversely affect the character of the relations between Moldova and Pridnestrovie, undermine the atmosphere of trust and also the stability and credibility of the existing international negotiating mechanisms in the process of Moldovan-Pridnestrovian settlement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR states about the inadmissibility of the use by Moldova of any measures of pressure against the citizens of Pridnestrovie, including representatives of the authorities of the republic, and once again calls on the Moldovan side to abandon any destructive actions that complicate the bilateral relations.