Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov meets PMR President Igor Smirnov


On February, 12 the meeting was held between the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov and the President of PMR Igor Smirnov.  

According to Information and Press department of the Russian Foreign Office, the Russian side confirmed again that all efforts made by Russia as a guarantor of the results of Pridnestrovien settlement are based on the norms of international law and on the principles of regional conflicts settlement worked out by the OSCE. A real way out of the existing deadlock in negotiations between Pridnestrovie and Moldova should be based on the equality of both sides in the settlement process and on the stabilized cooperation in the interests of the citizens of both sides of the river Dniester.     

Trust restoration in the region and implementation of practical steps towards each other can be facilitated by achieving consensus on refusal from unilateral decisions and any form of pressure as well as on the necessity to solve all disputable issues using peaceful and political means only. 

The Pridnestrovien side informed on its estimations of the last contacts with the RM authorities and on the first results of the meetings of Moldova-Pridnestrovie expert groups on preparation of  confidence-building measures in social and economic sphere. 

During the conversation a number of practical questions of cooperation with the region and further delivering of Russian humanitarian help to Pridnestrovie were discussed.