Vitaly Ignatiev takes part in a webinar “American ideology and the US pretension to global dominance”


A webinar on “American ideology and the US pretension to global dominance” was held in the conference hall of the T.G. Shevchenko Pridnestrovian State University today.  It was organized by the Dniester-Prut Center of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies (RISS). Reports were given to students and teachers by Russian philosopher and publicist Aleksandr Dugin, Senior Research Scientist of the RISS Section for the US and Latin America Sergei Mikhailov.

During his speech Aleksandr Dugin said that the modern Western world, first and foremost, is the ideological phenomenon, so that today the problem of the status and recognition of Pridnestrovie is not only a legal or geopolitical issue, but also gets ideological dimension. As the philosopher said, from “American” point of view, Pridnestrovie is considered as a particular barrier to build a unified world global community.

 “Strategically, Russia has always been with Pridnestrovie, it is a Russian outpost in the region, constraining the integration of Moldova into Romania and the European Union, which in practice means the spread of liberal ideology and the gradual dismantling of the national state. For all these reasons the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic is not recognized by the Western world. Not because it is legally or politically incapable, but because Pridnestrovie as a formation does not fit into the American ideology, is out of it, prevents its spread,” stressed the Russian publicist.

According to Aleksandr Dugin, Russia and Pridnestrovie need to act in concert to counter the American ideology. “In this context we consider Pridnestrovie as the vanguard of a strategic, ideological and geopolitical struggle for the multipolar world, for a just world order, the societies and peoples’ right to follow their own independent way,” concluded the philosopher.

RISS Research Scientist Sergei Mikhailov provided a brief overview of the origins of American ideology and historical factors contributed that the phenomenon of “exclusivity” and “messianism” of the American people appear.

Following the Russian experts’ discourses Acting Foreign Minister of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev noted the increasing negative trends in the regional and global space, connected with a significant growth of Western influence. According to the diplomat, over the years there has been some weakening of Russian positions in the whole region, while it was occurring, the unique identity was formed in Pridnestrtovie, “which determined the vector of its strategic development, aimed at union with Russia and inclusion in the Eurasian integration processes on its own, through the referendum”.

During the discussion, the head of the PMR’s MFA emphasized that at present a hybrid war is conducting actively against Pridnestrovie, as well as against Russia as a whole.

 “In our view, the concept of a “besieged fortress” is fraught with many negative effects. Therefore, we have proposed to the Russian partners our vision of situation development prospects in which Pridnestrovie could become part of the Eurasian integration space, close to us in spirit, history, culture and many other parameters. I'm talking about the concept of “Eurasian region “Pridnestrovie”, which I am sure, has not lost its relevance, even despite certain logistical and political difficulties arising from the situation in Ukraine,” said the diplomat. The head of the Foreign Ministry also expressed confidence that with Russia’s support Pridnestrovie is quite capable to become an “oasis of contemporary Eurasianism”.

 “If we are talking about the basics, which will face the liberal Western ideology, then, in my opinion, Pridnestrovie, in fact, is the living embodiment of such basics in action. I am convinced that it is necessary to shift Russia’s focus to the powerful potential of the republic and make the best use of it. The potential of socio-expert, media, cultural and scientific influence, which would contribute to strengthening Russia's positions not only in Pridnestrovie, but in all regional space, is very high. For our part we are ready to contribute to its maximum realization, which, I believe, will find response in the Pridnestrovian society. This will greatly enhance the attractiveness of Pridnestrovie as a practical model of ideology, alternative to the western one. This support will help to transform Pridnestrovie from some “region under siege”, the potential of which is actively blocked by neighbouring countries in economic, financial, logistical, military and political terms, into the window of the modern Eurasian world,” concluded the diplomat.

At the end of the event, Russian experts stated that the current Pridnestrovie is in extremely difficult conditions of the complex external pressure. In this context, Aleksandr Dugin highly appreciated the concept of “Eurasian region “Pridnestrovie”. According to him, the project has a significant positive potential to stabilize the situation, but in its practical implementation it has faced with certain subjective barriers in Russia.

Addressing the participants of the discussion, Aleksandr Dugin also stressed the special role of Pridnestrovie in the fate of the Russian world. “You stand on this land like a forgotten soldier on duty, who had not received the order to retreat. This is an example of the Russian heroism. And the fact that in Pridnestrovie there are so many patriotic young people, who treat their native country with love, ready to hold this post - it inspires joy and optimism,” concluded the Russian philosopher.