Valery Klimenko on Public Diplomacy Project: “Pridnestrovians could help us to turn about foreign-political vector of Moldova”


As you know, there is process of signatures collection of the Moldovan citizens going on. We need to collect 200 000 signatures to demand the authorities of Moldova to hold referendum on joining the Customs Union. The problem is, that no matter how many signatures will be collected, the final decision will be taken by the Parliament of Moldova. Because the majority in that Parliament believes that future of Moldova lies in European Union, I am sure that referendum won't take place and citizens' opinion will be ignored, though according to sociological studies the majority of population of Moldova sympathizes Russia and President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin; and more than 60% of citizens of Moldova wish to see their future in close cooperation with Russia. This is the first point.

The second point is connected to the theme we are discussing here today – the theme of Pridnestrovie's participation in Eurasian Community. We should seek ways and there are such ways. I am sure that variants of becoming member of Eurasian Union for Pridnestrovie do exist, even without recognition of independence. I can see this variant as some sort of economic union with recognized states where Pridnestrovie, though maybe not in form of Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, but maybe just Pridnestrovie, as a some kind of geographical territory, can participate. But, of course, there can be no doubts that Moldova would try to prevent such situation by any means.

And here I can see only one variant: only if some politicians in Moldova and in Moscow are nourishing an idea of active participation of Pridnestrovian citizens in next election campaign to elect MPs of the Moldova's Parliament and thus to change the situation in Moldova. Only voices of Pridnestrovian voters can change situation, giving us majority in the Parliament and allowing us to change foreign-political vector of Moldova towards the Eurasian Union. This is also one of the variants which could allow Moldova to enter Eurasian Union on legal grounds in perspective. But here many things depend on Pridnestrovian leadership and the people of Pridnestrovie: will they be ready to participate in such process. I support the idea that Pridnestrovians could help us, in Moldova, to change political configuration of the country in the whole and of the Parliament in particular. To change foreign-political vector of Moldova. But here, I repeat, political leadership of Pridnestrovie and the people of Pridnestrovie should give their answer: yes or no.