Festivities Devoted to 20th Anniversary of Russian Peacekeeping Operation Start in Pridnestrovie


20th Anniversary of introduction of peacekeeping force of the Russian Federation into the Security Zone and the beginning of the peacekeeping operation are widely celebrated in Pridnestrovie. The majority of festive events devoted to this memorable date are planned for July 26-28. Representatives of the leadership of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, members of the Operative group of Russian forces in Pridnestrovie (OGRV), of the Joint Control Commission and of the Joint Military Command will participate in the events. On the occasion of the jubilee arrival of high-ranking Russian diplomats and of the large group of Russian journalists is expected in Prodnestrovie.

Program of festivities will be opened with demonstration of training of the peacekeepers. On July 26 demonstration of the OGRV will take place on the military shooting-range and on the tank-training ground of the Operative Group of forces in Pridnestrovie.

On the same day press-conference of the President of the PMR Yevgeny Shevchuk with participation of members of the Government of Pridnestrovie shall take place for Russian and Pridnestrovian Mass Media.

On July 27 solemn rally with participation of the President of the PMR, of the city leadership and of the representatives of the Joint Control Commission shall take place in the place of dislocation of the battalion of Joint Peacekeeping Forces in Bendery. After the meeting demonstration of skills and training of military personnel of the Peacekeeping forces shall take place with soldiers demonstrating elements of close fight and arms drill. Festivities of this day shall be closed with concert of the Culture Center of the Russian Armed Forces for the staff of peacekeeping contingent of Joint Peacekeeping Forces.

On July 28 monument to Russian peacekeepers shall be inaugurated in Bendery. Solemn rally devoted to 20th anniversary of introduction of Russian peacekeeping contingent in Pridnestrovie shall take place after the event. On the same day solemn meeting and concert of the Song and Dance Company of the Western Military District shall take place in the Tkachenko Culture Center for staff of the Joint Peacekeeping Forces, members of their families and civil personnel. International Scientific-Expert Forum “Peacekeeping Operation on the Dniester in the Context of Geopolitical Challenges of Modernity” shall start its work in Tiraspol.

Number of other events devoted to jubilee of the peacekeeping operation shall take place in the Republic.