PMR’s MFA Signed Agreement on Cooperation with the ANO Eurasian Center

PMR’s MFA Signed Agreement on Cooperation with the ANO Eurasian Center
PMR’s MFA Signed Agreement on Cooperation with the ANO Eurasian Center
Today the meeting of the Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the PMR for International Cooperation, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nina Shtanski with Director of the Lev Gumilev's Center Pavel Zarifullin took place in the PMR's MFA. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Igor Shornikov and Deputy Chief of Public Communications Department of the PMR's MFA Vera Tabak also took part in the event.

During the meeting the parties signed Agreement on Cooperation between the PMR's MFA and ANO Eurasian Center which is headed by the Russian guest. According to the document, this agreement is one step ahead in expert dialogue, exchange with professional opinions and information cooperation on the Eurasian space.

Nina Shtanski reminded Director of the Lev Gumilev's Center that Eurasian idea is proclaimed as a national idea in Pridnestrovie and Eurasian integration is the top-priority for foreign policy of the Republic. Minister highly appreciated the potential of the recently opened media center Eurasian Pridnestrovie which is called to unite the expert and Internet community in promoting Eurasian values and Eurasian idea. She also noted that number of organizations have already spoken in support of Eurasian way for Pridnestrovie. Lev Gumilev's Center is among these organizations. “It is a powerful intellectual and information resource. We believe that together we shall be able to unite our efforts in promoting our common tasks”, – Nina Shtanski said.

In his turn Pavel Zarifullin pointed out that Pridnestrovie can always reckon upon every possible support of the Center. “All the resources of the Center in the cities of the CIS countries will actively promote initiatives of the media center ‘Eurasian Pridnestrovie'. Our experts will also actively participate in informational projects of Pridnestrovians. I believe that due to these initiatives inter alia the process of integration of Pridnestrovie with Russia and with the Eurasian Union will receive response in CIS countries”, – he said.

Interlocutors expressed common opinion that Pridnestrovie's experience can be used by other states in the process of formation of atmosphere of peaceful existence of different ethnic groups in framework of integrated union. “PMR can become an example of defense of people's rights in multicultural civilization space. Pridnestrovie, in fact, is Eurasian Union in miniature”, – Pavel Zarifullin said. “We need to spread positive experience of Pridnestrovie in preserving ethnic peace in multi-ethnic society”, – Nina Shtanski added.

During the meeting it was noted that for many years all the healthy forces on post-Soviet space advocated the necessity to return to the common home – Russian, Eurasian – to reconstruct Greater Russia which will have place for every nation. “We have a huge work ahead to be done in returning to Russian culture, honor for ourselves, economic prosperity”, – said the Russian guest. Pridnestrovian diplomat also noted that appeal towards integration in framework of Eurasian space, made by the Russian public authorities, will allow to begin new stage in process of ‘gathering of Russian lands'.