Upcoming Visit of UN Expert on Human Rights was discussed at the PMR’s MFA

Upcoming Visit of UN Expert on Human Rights was discussed at the PMR’s MFA

On May 4, 2012 Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev met with UN Human Rights Adviser Claude Cahn.

Interlocutors discussed the agenda of the upcoming visit in May of the UN Senior Expert on Human Rights Thomas Hammarberg, whose mandate is in the stage of approval.

The expert's visit is to be devoted to the study of matters in field of human rights in order to present recommendations for the improvement of general situation. During the visit it is planned that UN official shall visit penitentiary facilities, psychiatric institutions and shall contact with representatives of the civil society.

“It is encouraging that Pridnestrovie is moving into the focus of the United Nations Organization's attention. UN is ready to work with us directly. We hope this work shall be conducted maximally unbiased”, – Vitaly Ignatiev informed after the end of the meeting. According to him, UN is a universal organization which has competency in field of study and protection of human rights and which makes recommendations for improvement of observance of human rights in all countries of the world.

Deputy Foreign Minister turned Claude Cahn's attention to the possibility of including site visit at the Russian mobile consulate in Tiraspol to Thomas Hammarberg's agenda. He stressed that Pridnestrovian side is counting on assistance of the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights in settling this issue in dialogue with Kishinev. “The problem of opening of the full-scale Russian Consulate General in Tiraspol should be solved. It is a fundamental point for us which touches rights and interests of our citizens directly”, – Vitaly Ignatiev pointed out.