Yuri Ganin on Television Project “Public Diplomacy”: It is Necessary to Strengthen Status-Quo of the Pridnestrovian Economy and That of Our Enterprises


If speak about economic aspect of our topic, conclusion that Eurasian spaces are much more profitable for us than European ones is absolutely ambiguous. We should understand that it is powerful civilizations, it is huge economy, it is organized society, if compare any macroeconomic indicators of the European Union and, for example, CIS. Of course, numbers and indicators of the European Union are larger, if take the number of consumers, for instance: the number of consumers falling on the European Union is 500 mln. people, on the Eurasian Union – 175 mln., and other aspects. Big difference is in GDP per capita. In EU – 30,000, within CIS it makes up around 13,000 USD per person.

One would think, why not the European Union? Theoretically, we can consider the variant that Pridnestrovie will somehow find itself in the framework of the European Union, surely, only together with Moldova. The path into Europe via Moldova implies such enormous risks that unambiguously may lead to Pridnestrovie's losing its self-sufficiency. These risks are expectable. One should prepare for them. Raising question about our strategy will certainly evoke confrontation from the other side, and such actions are likely to be undertaken. One should be ready for these actions because Pridnestrovie's refusal from entering Europe together with Moldova means further implementation of the programme which is realized today. I must say that since 2001 we have significantly lowered Pridnestrovie's status-quo. And what happens today with our enterprises functioning on the basis of permanent or temporary registration is in fact an attack on our enterprises. Our business is attacked. And if Pridnestrovie refuses from joint path with Moldova, it's quite possible that Moldova together with the European Union will deprive our enterprises working with Europe of all the preferences.

What does Eurasian space mean for us? I don't think there is need talking much that it is our space. It is native and historic, even from economic viewpoint. We used to receive and continue receiving support only on the part of the East. That is, we have already established certain links with the East; its support is considerable – technical, humanitarian and raw assistance. We have very powerful production cooperation, it was earlier and it is still preserved. There is no such cooperation with European counties. Finally, our banking system exists only because our banks have extensive correspondence accounts in the Russian Federation. Changing this vector means that we will lose financial system, industrial base and so forth. By the way, perspectives of entering the European Union for both Moldova and Pridnestrovie are now actively discussed. European researches say unequivocally that they will lose both Pridnestrovie and Moldova. First of all, the poor will live even worse. Life of about10-15% of the population which belongs to average or wealthy category will become better. Meat and milk industry definitely won't be able to withstand competition. We will lose our enterprises. From various viewpoints and of course from economic one we should be committed to the eastern vector, but strategy is always an action plan, therefore we should be ready for the problems which are in store for us. It means that it is necessary to strengthen status-quo of our economy and our enterprises. We should decide at the governmental level in what way we can support enterprises in the eastern market. This concept being supported by concrete steps will become our national idea.