PMR MFA Head: Pridnestrovie is interested in the competent authority to be formed after the situation in Kishinev is settled down

Pridnestrovie is keeping an attentive watch on the events in Moldovan Parliament and is ready for different variants of situation development in the neighboring country. This statement was made on Monday by PMR's Foreign Minister Vladimir Yastrebchak in his conversation with the correspondents of news agencies “Interfax” and Radio of Pridnestrovie. At the request of the journalists, he described the current situation in the Moldova-Pridnestrovie settlement and answered a number of other questions concerning foreign policy.

“Tiraspol is interested in the political crises in the neighboring country to be followed by the formation of a competent leadership,” PMR MFA head told.  The absence of a well-defined governmental structure in Moldova is negatively influencing the process of relations normalization with this republic and drags out the solution of many vital problems in the region. In particular, according to the Minister, under the conditions when new representatives from Kishinev have not yet been assigned within expert groups, the functioning of the latter is actually stopped.

Vladimir Yastrebchak expressed his hope that a new Government in Moldova would retain its adherence to the agreements achieved earlier in the course of negotiations. In particular, the Minister mentioned Moscow agreements signed in accordance with the results of the meeting of the Presidents of Russia, Moldova and Pridnestrovie, which was held in the Russian capital on 18 March this year. Leaders of the three states agreed to the necessity of providing all conditions for equal and constructive dialogue that would exclude pressure measures.

Speaking about the visit of mediators and guarantors to Kishinev and Tiraspol which was planned for September, Vladimir Yastrebchak marked readiness of the Pridnestrovian leadership for it. At the same time, according to the Minister, because of the uncertainty in Moldova's home policy, this visit is likely to be postponed. “We don't exclude the possibility that mediators and guarantors will hold consultations without parties' involvement – in order to check up clocks and define possible steps for the future,” PMR MFA head said.

According to the Minister, Tiraspol maintains regular contacts with representatives of countries-guarantors and mediators. Thus, on Monday, a meeting took place in the MFA between Vladimir Yastrebchak and the Head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova Phillip Remler. The meeting was focused on the political situation in Kishinev, as well as on the possibility of the OSCE's involvement in implementation of a number of ecological projects in Pridnestrovie, in particular, utilization of pesticides.

At the request of the journalists, PMR MFA head commented on the idea of a “delayed status” for Pridnestrovie which is currently discussed within expert groups. In his words, the last years have shown that Kishinev's aspiration to politicize any issues makes it impossible to solve even those problems which are not connected with the political settlement. At the same time, Kishinev's stance based on the Moldovan law of 2005 excludes the possibility of striking a compromise on a status in the nearest future. In such conditions, the idea of a “delayed status” is likely to help avoid this politization, to bend efforts of the sides to removal of all those obstacles that prevent people from normal way of living. In particular, according to the Minister, Pridnestrovie is interested in the restart of the cooperation between the law enforcement structures of both republics, in the resumption of a full-scale transport communication, as well as in early solution of many other problems affecting interests of the population of the whole region that should not suffer from political uncertainty.