Ivan Uzun on the Project “Public Diplomacy”: “Strategic Development of the Black Sea Region must Be Considered while Elaborating Foreign Policy Concept”


To my opinion the processes that we observe are, first of all, connected with the development of the Black Sea region, which includes also our Republic. Whether we want it or not, our Republic is located on the intersection of both financial and trading streams. Besides, we, of course, must consider the interests of neighboring states, including the European Union. All the more, as it was mentioned today, the share of our export to the European Union is rather considerable. We must not forget about it. Just a little time ago the sitting of the Public Council was held at Ministry of Foreign Affairs; the question: “should we look at the West or at the East?” was raised. 

To my mind, while elaborating our future Foreign Policy Concept, it is necessary first of all to take into account strategic development of our Black Sea region, including the development of Pridnestrovie as one of the elements of this region in the whole. Because we can make a small mistake, in spite of the fact, that we are considerably closely connected with Russia; in some directions we are really integrated (for example, our Pridnestrovian University). We work according Russian educational standards; after graduation this helps our students to find jobs in Russia.

Nevertheless we must not make mistakes which lead to the conditions where politics will weigh upon economy. We know such a statement: “Politics is concentrated expression of economy.” That is why, while elaborating the concept, we must consider the development of our Black Sea region, not only the development of the Republic, but the development of our neighbors. We must pay attention to the vectors of development of Ukraine – will it be the European Union or Russia; because the presence of such neighbor as Ukraine must be considered by all means. Not only the development of the Customs Union, but, first of all, the development of our neighbors should be considered.