Archive - 10/10/2014

The Scientific Conference Marked the 90th Anniversary of the Formation of the Moldovan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (MASSR)
Today, the international scientific conference “the Moldovan ASSR: 90 years of the first republic on the Dniester”. The event was organized by the T.G. Shevcheko Pridnestrovian State University.

Statement of the Press Service of the Pridnestrovian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding Agricultural Land Use in Dubossary District of the PMR
Press Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR was surprised to read information presented on a number of Moldovan information resources (“Publika”, “Omega” and others) that the representatives on political issues of Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova allegedly “agreed some principles of the work of Dubossary’s farmers” preliminarily at the meeting held in Tiraspol on October 6, 2014. Based on the information provided by these information portals of the Republic of Moldova, among these principles there is “a refusal to contest the right to property and to charge any payments on these farmers on what Tiraspol has still insisted”.