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Pridnestrovie Marks Victory Day


On April 28-29, on the invitation of the head of Ternopol regional public administration, delegation of the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic took part in the Sixth International Investment Forum which was held in Ternopol (Ukraine). 


On April 29, 2011, Vladimir Yastrebchak, on the instructions of PMR’s President Igor Smirnov, participated in the session of the Supreme Soviet Commission on Foreign Policy and International Relations.

On April 28, President of the PMR Igor Smirnov held a press-conference with focus on the situation in the Moldova-Pridnestrovie relations normalisation, and also on the results of his visits to Moscow and Kiev.


On April 19, Deputy Foreign Minister of the PMR Sergey Simonenko received delegation of the MFA of the Czech Republic.

In Pridnestrovie attention was paid to a number of declarations made by Prime-Minister of the Republic of Moldova Mr. V. Filat about his approaches towards interaction with the leadership of the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic, including those made after official message of the Head of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic I. N. Smirnov had been delivered to him.


Leadership of PMR\'s MFA Takes Part in Solemn Events Dedicated to 67th Anniversary of Tiraspol’s Liberation from German-Romanian Invaders
On April 12, Tiraspol marks the 67th anniversary of the town’s liberation from German-Romanian invaders. Today, the Pridnestrovien capital saw the flower-laying to the Memorial of Military Glory and solemn meeting dedicated to this historic date.

Commemorative Events Dedicated to the 67th Anniversary of Tiraspol’s Liberation from German-Romanian Invaders Take Place in the PMR’s Capital


On March 31 and April 1, 2011, international conference “Participation and Intercultural Aspects of the Management on the Local Level on Balkans – Challenges and European Perspectives” took place in Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina).


On the Participation of the Delegation of the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic in the Working Meeting of the Eastern Committee of German Economy and Other Activities Held in Germany
On April 3-7, 2011, the group of top-managers of the Pridnestrovien enterprises made a business trip to Germany.