Nina Shtanski answered questions in a live broadcast of the state radio station “Radio 1”


Today, on the Day of the Diplomats of the PMR, Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the PMR for International Cooperation, Foreign Minister Nina Shtanski has become a guest of the morning show on the state radio station “Radio 1”. We remind that in 2015 Pridnestrovie’s diplomats mark their professional holiday on the same day as their Russian colleagues for the first time.

Nina Shtanski told about the features of the diplomatic service of Pridnestrovie related to realities faced by the republic.

 “The unrecognized status of the state is a motivating factor for Pridnestrovian diplomacy. In the special circumstances in which we work, in the absence of a broad network of diplomatic missions abroad which significantly limits our abilities, Pridnestrovian diplomacy gets unique professional opportunity. We must be one step ahead, be creative, use new tools for diplomatic work,”- said the head of the Foreign Ministry.

 “For us, diplomacy is not only  office work or working at a desk. A modern diplomat should use modern communication tools, know well the structure of information resources, how they work. A modern diplomat is a diplomat on Facebook, Twitter. Today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs often posts the information on Twitter faster than on the official website, as the latter requires careful consideration of official materials,”- said the Minister.

In that connection, Nina Shtanski highlighted the importance of the information component of foreign policy and noted that open communication with foreign media is particularly important in the modern context.

 “We try not to deny the interview because it's always an opportunity for us to tell about the actual problems, to state our position. In 2014 alone we conducted more than 40 interviews, the majority of which were published in full. We have warm partnerships with the journalistic community of Pridnestrovie,” – she said. According to her, open communication with the media has already yielded some results.

 “The image of Pridnestrovie abroad became more positive than it was a few years ago. We no longer maintain the image of a “besieged fortress” and discourse in foreign media reports has changed for the better at least a little,”- said the Foreign Minister.

The Minister also touched upon a number of actual aspects of Pridnestrovian foreign policy.