PMR President Yevgeny Shevchuk receives a delegation of mediators and observers in the negotiation process in the “Permanent Conference…” format


​The meeting of the head of state with representatives and members of the “Permanent Conference ...” from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, the OSCE, the United States and the European Union was held in Tiraspol - the capital of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. The delegation was headed by Special Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office Cord Hinrich Meier-Klodt.

When opening the meeting, the sides exchanged greetings. “Pridnestrovie believes that the attention and involvement of the mediators and observers is a significant and constructive element of the negotiation process, - said the president. - The work of the meeting allows to effectively overcome contradictions arising between the parties. We welcome you in Tiraspol, in Pridnestrovie”.

“During this visit, we had the rare opportunity to collect virtually all aspects of the negotiation process. Today there is almost a full team here. And it is a confirmation of our commitment and determination to revitalize the process of settling the Pridnestrovian conflict. Yesterday in Kishinev, we have expressed the same idea,” said Cord Hinrich Meier-Klodt.

In the framework of more than two-hour dialogue the Pridnestrovian leadership together with the mediators and observers conducted a detailed analysis of the dynamics of the situation in the negotiation process for the last 12-18 months and of the current state of dialogue between the parties at various levels. There was a very open exchange of views on possible ways out of emerging crisis, expressed in the stagnation of individual negotiation mechanisms. 

The the “Permanent Conference ...” international participants expressed active support to the ongoing negotiation process at all levels, including the activities of the expert (working) groups, interaction between representatives on political issues, as well as meetings in the 5+2 format. Pridnestrovie, for its part, expressed its fundamental commitment to resolve any conflict issues at the negotiating table in the framework of the “small steps” tactics with emphasis on the search for solutions that would contribute to improving the welfare of the population, prevent the creation of additional barriers to trade and freedom of movement, not lead to the expansion of poverty. In particular, emphasis was placed on the current proposals of Pridnestrovie in the field of railway and road transport, as well as the mutual recognition of documents issued by competent authorities of the parties. The meeting participants agreed that to reach a consensus and to realize in practice the mentioned proposals, in particular on road transport, can provide substantive work of the “Permanent Conference ...”.

Appreciation of the meeting participants was expressed for a non-paper proposal circulated by the Russian Federation in mid-March this year to strengthen dialogue in the 5+2 format, the essence of which is mutual acceptance of the commitments by the parties to resolve the problem of criminal cases, prevent unilateral steps, to develop an effective mechanism for the implementation of agreements being achieved.

At the end of the meeting the president of the PMR stressed that the Pridnestrovian side in its work in the framework of the “Permanent Conference ...” was guided and will be guided by the signed international documents regulating the activities of the 5+2 format. It is about the Principles and Procedures to conduct the dialogue, as well as the Agenda of the official negotiation process, which does not contain any provisions predetermining in any way the final formula for a political settlement of relations between Pridnestrovie and Moldova. This fact objectively makes it necessary to solve first the existing problems in the socio-economic, humanitarian and legal dimension.

Source: the website of the PMR President