Vladimir Korobov at the Project “Public Diplomacy”: “Eurasian Integration Is a Basic Value of the Foreign Policy of Our States”


- Surely, we must consider factor of Ukraine. Pridnestrovie, Moldova, and Russia, and many other countries must do it. Of course the destiny of Pridnestrovie and the destiny of Ukraine are connected very closely; that is why our States influence each other to a high degree. Do not think, that only situation in Ukraine influences you – situation in Pridnestrovie also affects Ukraine. Today new winds are blowing over Ukraine. You may have seen the struggle of political forces of Ukraine around language issue. You understand this tension, because in 1992 language issues to a large extent became the starter of many processes of the conflict. Of course we see, that the south-east and “Party of Regions”, Yanukovich passed to political offensive. We see, that Yanukovich mentioned the USA, China, Russia, but he did not mention Europe. It is no coincidence. In perspective of European integration there is a certain disappointment. Euroscepsis, sceptical treatment of European integration begins to develop in Ukraine; I will tell you, that is it to a large extent influenced by flirting of the European Union with Moldova. When somebody says that Moldova is ready to the largest extent than any other country from “Eastern partnership”, it hurts political pride of Ukraine and it means, that our former hopes to enter the European Union are vain. Do you know the anecdote: “When will Ukraine enter the European Union? – After Turkey will do it. When will Turkey do it? – Never.”

It seems to me, that today this feeling is gaining strength. More and more people think over the necessity of Eurasian integration. But I think, that today we face the challenge; the challenge is that the history is sometimes done with the guidance of one\'s heart, not one\'s head. We are speaking about public diplomacy, we are speaking that today, of course, we must supplement intellectual potential, big backstage work and secret diplomacy with public diplomacy. I like the idea of this programme very much; I like that today Pridnestrovian MFA opens its' possibilities and ask advice of the people, and tries to explain; because the images of foreign policy may bear no relation to foreign policy science, but they play a huge role. Both mayor's office and leadership are oriented on the thoughts of the voters about foreign policy, on their foreign policy feelings. And, of course, when Foreign Policy Concept of the State is being created, we must not think only about the arithmetic, about the countries – largest partners for Pridnestrovian export. We know about the countries with the largest share of export. We must think about the needs of the people, about their choose of the neighbors to live together in one house. This house is Eurasian one – it is the house of our origin where we should come back. Eurasian integration is the basic value of foreign policy of our states. I would like to mention one topic in public diplomacy which is very interesting. When I think about the differences between Pridnestrovie and Kherson – the people are the same, the heroes are the same. Suvorov, Ushakov, Ekaterina, Potyomkin are our heroes. Suvorov, Ushakov, Potyomkin, Ekaterina are the heroes of Pridnestrovian people. Almost the same idols, the same historical myths, the same history and values. What differs us? Nobody is interested in Kherson; the whole world is interested in Pridnestrovie. And this has very big significance for the image of Pridnestrovie. This worldwide interest towards this tiny peace of land has enormous significance. It is time to think how one can make this factor work in favor of image of Pridnestrovie.