Vasily Kashirin on Television Project “Public Diplomacy”: “Pridnestrovie Is not Late with Joining the Processes of Eurasian Integration”


For me it is a great honor to represent in Pridnestrovie Russian Institute of Strategic Researches, where on February 21, 2012 Pridnestrovian President Shevchuk made a statement, which in future, I hope, will become historical one. The statement on Eurasian vector of Pridnestrovian foreign policy is indeed very important.

I am convinced, that Pridnestrovie is not late with joining the processes of Eurasian integration, because the processes have just began. May be my opinion will seem seditious to somebody, because I am the expert on state service of Russia and I voice certain scepsis about Eurasian integration, scepsis about that fact, that everything was implemented in integrity as it was voiced. But certainly, the ambitious process has already been started. I would say, that it is political agenda of new Presidential term of Putin, and it is decided task for the whole generation. We will observe, if it will be possible to do everything in integrity, if everything that was planned will be done successfully.

I know about serious talks on the necessity of introduction of single currency of future Eurasian Union with the creation of single emission centre. Some experts passionately support this ideas, some, on the contrary, are ready to polemicize. Finally, we witness very serious fundamental economical crisis in the European Union. For us it is very important not to repeat mistakes. But, nevertheless, according to our forecasts and our evaluations, the task of the nearest months and years will consist in building of political structures of future European Union, because, I will repeat, very much things were done in customs sphere.

I wanted to say few words about how we in Russia see the possible role of Pridnestrovie in the processes of Eurasian integration. The case is that, surely, there are certain risks for Pridnestrovie in this connection, and, at the same time – certain very big potential benefits and advantages. I would like to say, that political risks are certainly connected with the position of the West, but Pridnestrovie does not have to get accustomed to very strong diplomatic, political pressure from that side. Pridnestrovian people have been living in this atmosphere for already 20 years, and this will not surprise them. They will be not surprised by that wave of criticism that will follow each step of Pridnestrovie. But I consider, that Pridnestrovie must prepare for definite economical costs, connected with the necessity to reorient its' economy to the CIS market, to the market of customs and Eurasian space.

I would like to emphasize the things that are important for me at the moment. If we observe on the whole territory of former Soviet Union very strong ideological deficit for creation of the base of future Eurasian Union, then in Pridnestrovie there is no such deficit, since the PMR is absolutely ready for integration in psychological, moral and, dare I say it, ideological respect. Eventually, Pridnestrovie did not leave Soviet Union. To some extent Pridnestrovie is “nucleus” of future supranational multiconfessional union. If on the territory of many Soviet republics we see passionate will of people and unwillingness of elites to move towards the integration (these are some kind of parochial complexes, phobias, ambitions, then we see nothing like that in Pridnestrovie. Pridnestrovian political elite can internally polemicize on different issues of politics, but we observe deep consensus of basic constructive healthy political forces of Pridnestrovie on the issue connected with necessity of the closest integration with neighbors from the former Soviet Union. I consider it to be very important.