President of the PMR Evgeny Shevchuk Congratulates Diplomatic Officers of Pridnestrovie on Their Professional Holiday


Dear diplomatic officers of Pridnestrovie!

I congratulate you on your Professional holiday!

The work of the Pridnestrovian diplomats is a pledge of a successful solution of a whole number of tasks to strengthen international authority and prestige of our republic. Your activity favours prosperity of our country and its peaceful existence in concord and partnership with different states, as well as contributes to consolidation of positions of the Pridnestrovian business in international markets, which first of all reflects in economic success of our region.

To achieve positive results, you have to work hard in conditions of rapidly changing world, the fact which requires deep analysis of the situation in the international arena, forecasting of developments, as well as understanding of internal processes of the country.

International contacts of our republic have recently reached a more qualitative level and are aimed at achieving concrete results. Relations with the neighbouring states are actively developing. Resumption of the railway communication between Moldova and Pridnestrovie vividly exemplifies this. On this remarkable day I wish to thank officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR for their productive work in developing collaboration of Pridnestrovie with near and far abroad countries. I am deeply grateful to you for assistance in promoting interests of our nation in different spheres of interaction in the international arena.

I wish you good health, happiness, prosperity and new success in your responsible work for the benefit of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic!