During the Talk with Journalists Nina Shtanski Commented the Current Situation in the Negotiation Process in the 5+2 Format

During the talk with Press club participants held today in the MFA of the PMR, Nina Shtanski noted that the situation in the negotiations in the 5+2 format was very difficult. “The negotiations are almost blocked. The Moldovan side avoids from solving problems. It even got to the point that the Special Representative of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office who visited Kishinev and Tiraspol in the framework of shuttle diplomacy could not get the answers from the Moldovan side to the questions concerning us,” – she stressed.Nina Shtanski noted that during five years until 2012 a pause lasted in the negotiations resulted from the blockade of 2006 when not only trade activity, but also free movement of citizens of Russia and Ukraine living in Pridnestrovie are turned to be blocked. Thus, at the time of resuming negotiations a great number of problems had been accumulated which required pressing solution. “In this regard, all participants of the negotiations were encouraged by the fact that the 5+2 format “restarted” and again began to work, and of course, all 5+2 participants were interested in avoiding further pause in the negotiations. It was agreed to develop a single document which would detail rules and principles of the negotiations. For almost a year “we negotiated on how to negotiate”, and fortunately, we managed to agree and sign such document where one of the main principles - the principle of the equality of the parties - was established. It was also specified that the negotiations can be carried out only constructively, only given the goodwill. Besides, no possibility of applying sanctions, pressure, and blockade has already been established in many documents of the negotiation process,” – said the Diplomat.Thus, according to the Head of the Foreign Ministry, “when any participant of the negotiations undertakes actions blocking possibilities of other participant, principles agreed by all parties are violated. The Pridnestrovian side considers this is the situation that has been observed today. Nina Shtanski told the journalists about dozens of criminal cases initiated by the Moldovan side with particular eagerness against officials of Pridnestrovie especially over the last few months. Criminal proceedings are initiated against people living in Pridnestrovie for the fact that they occupy their posts and serve their people basing on the PMR's legislation. The repressive сampaign contradicting sound logic hampers the dialogue. “Supposing that we are negotiating partners and I put handcuffs on you. Will you come to the negotiating table with me with tied arms? Will you feel like an equal partner, will you be free to make decisions? Hardly, and I am sure that if our negotiations are multilateral you will ask other participants for assistance so that they abide signed documents,” – emphasized the Minister.Meanwhile, the Diplomat noted that Pridnestrovie is ready to continue discussion on existing problems. “We do not abandon a dialogue, however difficult it is. On the contrary, we continue to address to our Moldovan colleagues in order to carry on meetings, including in the 5+2 format. We invariably invite the 5+2 participants to discuss issues in Tiraspol and Kishinev. There is no alternative to solving issues at the negotiating table. However, unfortunately, today the negotiations are blocked by the actions which are inconsistent with the very essence of the negotiations,” – she said.