PMR delegation participates in solemn events in Tskhinval

On September 20, South Ossetia celebrated the 19th anniversary of the republic's creation. The festivities, which took place in Tskhinval on this day, were attended by representative delegations from the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and Pridnestrovie. The Pridnestrovian delegation headed by PMR President Igor Smirnov consisted of the Republic's Foreign Minister Vladimir Yastrebchak, his deputy Sergey Simonenko, Minister of Justice Sergey Stepanov, adviser to PMR's President Alexander Karaman, and the Chairman of the Union of Defenders of Pridnestrovie Grigori Agre.

Addressing people of the republic with congratulations on the Independence Day, Igor Smirnov marked the similarity between the lot of the South Ossetian and Pridnestrovian folks who had to go through many hardships and trials in their struggle for free choice. In his words, people of both republics share common values and ideals. “We respect the rights of individuals, we appreciate understanding between nations, we hate fascism and reject “double standards”. The referendum has shown that our people support the strategic vector of development with Russia. That is why we have common goals and objectives.”

On September 20, 1990, the Soviet of People\'s Deputies of South Ossetia adopted Declaration on National Sovereignty of the Republic. This day appeared to be a turning point in the life of the people, having provided with the possibility for free and true development of the Ossetian nation, for preserving its wholeness and unity, as well as inextricable connection with Russia. August 26, 2008 saw the Russian Federation's official recognition of the state independence of the Republic of South Ossetia.