Elena Bobkova on Television Project “Public Diplomacy”: Eurasian Idea Is Very Popular in the Pridnestrovian Society


Opinion surveys show that Eurasian idea is certainly very popular in the Pridnestrovian society. People have a very high demand in joining something, some state, strong and powerful, capable of protecting them. Russia which is today in the forefront of the idea of Eurasian integration is a leader of this process. Russia, as a legal successor of the Soviet Union, has always been very popular exactly in this context. In the context of a mighty strong power in which Pridnestrovian citizens, let us say, had lived until recently.

We asked Pridnestrovian people the following question, “What do you think priority direction or vector of Pridnestrovie's development should be?” We found out that our population is open for a dialogue with any countries, states or association of states, but Russian vector has been and remains a priority one. In my view, Eurasian idea should be broadly discussed in the society and be understandable to people. Of course, sociological monitoring should be carried out in order to see how people's opinion is changing as Eurasian Union is being formed.