On the Meeting of the Head of PMR’s MFA with the Delegation of UNDP Resident Representative in Moldova

On the Meeting of the Head of PMR’s MFA with the Delegation of UNDP Resident Representative in Moldova

Today a meeting took place in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs between Deputy Chairperson of Government of the PMR on International Cooperation, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nina Shtanski and UN Resident Coordinator, UNDP Resident Representative in Moldova Nicola Harrington-Buhay. Program manager of the UNDP in Moldova Doina Munteanu also participated in the meeting.

While opening the meeting, Nina Shtanski expressed her gratitude to Nicola Harrington-Buhay and all the UN family organizations for implementation of a number of projects aimed at improvement of life conditions of people in social and industrial sphere, healthcare, ecology and human rights on the territory of Pridnestrovie. Minister also noted positive contribution of such international organizations as UNCF and World Health Organization in development of humanitarian cooperation with Pridnestrovie.

Head of PMR's MFA informed that inter-agency work on forming action plan based upon recommendations of UN Special Representative on Human Rights in Pridnestrovie Thomas Hammarberg was finalized. “Action plan is divided into 9 major fields which are most important for our specialists. Among these are health services for population, protection of disabled people, tuberculoses and AIDS disease control, reform of prisoner detention system”, – Nina Shtanski said. According to her, soon groups of specialists shall arrive to the republic and shall start work over issues stated in the recommendations together with Pridnestrovian experts.

Answering questions of the journalists after the meeting Nina Shtanski was pleased to note practical results of bilateral cooperation of the PMR's MFA with UNDP. “Quite an expensive project in field of equipping medical facilities was implemented recently in Rybnitsa. There are plans in medical field, including perinatal medicine, in order to assist pregnant women before the delivery. By the way, Russian Federation is donor in this project. It will be conducted together with World Health Organization, UNCF and UNDP. We also informed our colleagues about impelling need in tuberculosis and AIDC medications for this year. Due to insufficient funds there is necessity to attract international donors to this work”, – Minister said.

Nicola Harrington-Buhay also noted good dynamics of bilateral cooperation and expressed certainty that work shall gather momentum. “It is important to make small steps in field of human rights everyday to improve one or another field of human life. Even small steps we make here open doors for implementation of new projects”, – she concluded.