The “Eurasian Region Pridnestrovie” Project Launch for Youth Organizations Took Place at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR


The “Eurasian Region Pridnestrovie” project launch for representatives of leading youth organizations took place today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR. Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs Vitaly Ignatiev and Igor Shornikov participated in the meeting. The event was initiated by the Council of Young Diplomats of the PMR's MFA and was aimed at the exposure of young leaders to the project of the foreign agency.

“Pridnestrovie is a small state, but our republic has no small share in the context of integration processes in the Eurasian space. We were the first to have announced the Eurasian integration as the national idea, we were the first within the former Soviet space to have fixed this purpose in the main document of the country's foreign policy and, most importantly, we have immediately started its implementation”, said the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Igor Shornikov. According to him, the “Eurasian Region Pridnestrovie” project was developed as a key element in the strategy of the Eurasian integration at a time when the Foreign Policy Concept of Pridnestrovie was only submitted for the approval by the Head of the State.

The Foreign Ministry of the PMR believes that 2013 could be a turning point for Eurasian integration of Pridnestrovie. “This year we intend to bring the ideological and economic base for the further rapprochement with the countries of the Customs Union, to start phased integration of Pridnestrovie in various formats of cooperation with other Eurasian countries including Ukraine and Moldova”, was stressed in the meeting. Therefore Pridnestrovian youth can become an engine of integration.

“We believe that the successful future of our country will be connected with the Eurasian Union. Only a huge area of Eurasia, common market and resources of countries which will join the Union can be a source of social and economic progress for Pridnestrovie. All of our current economic difficulties are bound with artificial barriers around our republic. We will remove these hindrances to provide our young people with decent possibilities”, Igor Shornikov said.