On the Meeting with the Delegation of the Kingdom of Sweden

On the Meeting with the Delegation of the Kingdom of Sweden

On April 4, 2012, the PMR's MFA saw a meeting of Minister of Foreign Affairs Nina Shtanski and the delegation of the Kingdom of Sweden.

Ambassador of the Kingdom of Sweden in the Republic of Moldova Ingrid Tersman, Director General for Political Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden Bjorn Lyrvall, Deputy Head of Department for Eastern Europe and Central Asia of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden Julius Liljestrom, Deputy Head of the Embassy Mission of the Kingdom of Sweden in the Republic of Moldovа Bjorn Kavalkov-Halvarsson participated in the meeting.

The perspectives of development of contacts between Tiraspol and Kishinev became the principal topic of the meeting. Swedish delegation highly appreciated positive changes, which recently took place between Pridnestrovie and Moldova, and expressed readiness to assist the dialogue. “We want to see the decisions that would help to reduce tension in the relations between the sides, that would help to reach final settlement of the conflict with the EU participating in this process,” Bjorn Lyrvall noticed after the meeting.

Interlocutors also discussed aspects of possible participation of Pridnestrovie in the negotiations on the issue of inclusion of Moldova in Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area. In his interview to the journalists Bjorn Lyrvall emphasized, that decision that will be made during the process of these negotiations may be useful for Pridnestrovian business community.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Nina Shtanski explained, that Pridnestrovie performs functions of observer in Moldova-Europe negotiations. Tiraspol referred independent expert to receive impartial information on the present process. “We have economic agents working with European partners, and the State is obliged to protect their interests. Exactly with this purpose official from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR participated in the events held within the framework of negotiations on Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area for receipt of necessary information. We will share this information with Ministry of Economical Development and with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the PMR. We will submit the present information to other interested parties if necessary,” Head of foreign office reported.

Nina Shtanski told, that the topic of improvement of investment climate in Pridnestrovie was actively discussed during the meeting. “We informed out guests on the Address of the President of the PMR to State Public and Governmental Authorities, in particular, on those assignments of Head of State given in order to improve tax administration, and other aspects concerning improvement of investment climate,” the diplomat said. According to Nina Shtanski, European investor attentively observes those reforms being held in Pridnestrovie at the moment. “Tiraspol hopes for pragmatic dialogue with our European partners,” Minister made a conclusion.