Sergei Gavrilov: Project of Eurasian Region of Pridnestrovie is the Most Interesting Initiative on the Post-Soviet Space

Sergei Gavrilov: Project of Eurasian Region of Pridnestrovie is the Most Interesting Initiative on the Post-Soviet Space

Today meeting of the Chairman of the State Duma's Committee of the Russian Federation on Issues of Ownership and Coordinator of Inter-fractional Group of Deputies on Cooperation with the Supreme Council of the PMR Sergei Gavrilov and Chairman of the Expert Council under the Inter-fractional Group Andrei Tserne with representatives of the Pridnestrovian mass media took place. Guests have been asked some questions which are burning for Pridnestrovie.

Answering the question about the perspectives of Eurasian integration for Pridnestrovie Russian MP Sergei Gavrilov highly estimated the project of the ‘Eurasian Region of Pridnestrovie' which was created by the PMR's MFA as a new form of integration on the model of Euroregions. “This initiative implies integration of Pridnestrovie, border regions of Ukraine and Moldova on basis of economic, customs, social and economic and cultural cooperation. It is the most interesting initiative on the post-soviet space”, – he said. “Thus we are leaving the military-political and state dimension and are turning towards renewal of traditional relations with trans-regional cooperation based on good-neighborhood”, – he pointed out in this connection. Russian MP also noted that transregional cooperation should facilitate resolving number of social and humanitarian problems.

Sergei Gavrilov told the journalists that the concept of Eurasian region is studied with great interest not only in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, but also in the Russian Academy of Sciences. “Positions of my colleagues of different political opinions and orientations, such as Sergei Glaziev and Vladimir Mau, are single in this issue”, – he said. MP noted that further working out of this project should become the most serious and interesting work for academic circles of not only Pridnestrovie, but also of Russia.

Russian guest also expressed his belief that issue of Eurasian integration of Pridnestrovie shall be supported and studied by the Russian business circles, including Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and by the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Parliamentary group which is headed by the MP shall become not only a powerful mechanism of strengthening Pridnestrovie-Russia integration projects but also will be able to form a space for discussions for different political, academic and public circles which is a long-felt need.