Nina Shtanski: “Calls to break the peacekeeping format are provocative outbursts aimed to attract media attention”


The Foreign Minister of the PMR Nina Shtanski called statements of Charge d'Affaires of Ukraine in Moldova Gennady Altukhov on nonconformity of the peacekeeping operation on the Dniester to the purposes of conflict settlement as provocative outbursts. This assessment is contained in the comments of the Pridnestrovian diplomat in the social network site Facebook in connection with the statements made on the eve of the flag-raising ceremony of Ukraine in Kishinev.

“How to take seriously such statements when they are made by the representative of a country whose ten military observers participate in multilateral peacekeeping operation on the Dniester in the framework of which under the auspices of the Russian Federation it has been possible to ensure not only the joint participation in the peacekeeping operation of contingents from the conflicting parties (once fighting in a military way), but also the effectiveness which is enviable, by the way, for the whole world experience of peacekeeping?” - writes the head of the Foreign Ministry of the PMR.

It was noted in the comment: “It is remarkable that such statements are made at the event organized on the occasion of the national holiday of Ukraine in Kishinev. Is the agenda of bilateral Ukrainian - Moldovan relations not so busy that such provocative outbursts have been used in order to attract the media?”

“I would like to understand what exactly in the view of the Ukrainian diplomacy is the purpose of this settlement today if the peacekeeping operation has suddenly became ineffective which, in fact, for all years of the conflict is the only guarantee of peace and prevented from shedding blood of none of inhabitants in the Security zone and in the zone of conflict on the Dniester still unresolved,”- continues Nina Shtanski.

She suggested that the proposal for some “international peacekeeping mission” instead of the multilateral joint peacekeeping operation should be discussed by the Ukrainian representative with the residents of Bendery who would tell how they crawled on belly on the hot asphalt under shelling in 1992 into the shelter with their children, attacked also by arrival snipers from the roofs of high-rise buildings.

The Pridnestrovian minister also mentioned in her comments the experience of 1992 when Ukraine, Russia, Romania and Moldova without the participation of the PMR organized the international observation mission, the military observers of which, except the Russian ones, were first evacuated from the territory of the conflict as soon as in June 1992 in the city of Bendery first shots were fired”.

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