Vitaly Ignatiev: “For Us there Is no Alternative to Eurasian Integration”

Vitaly Ignatiev: “For Us there Is no Alternative to Eurasian Integration”
Vitaly Ignatiev: “For Us there Is no Alternative to Eurasian Integration”
Vitaly Ignatiev: “For Us there Is no Alternative to Eurasian Integration”
Vitaly Ignatiev: “For Us there Is no Alternative to Eurasian Integration”
Vitaly Ignatiev: “For Us there Is no Alternative to Eurasian Integration”
Vitaly Ignatiev: “For Us there Is no Alternative to Eurasian Integration”

Today at 19:45 First Republican Television Channel will broadcast the second issue of new television project “Public Diplomacy”.

Give media-project is aimed to intensify dialogue of society and authorities on the most important issues of foreign policy of Pridnestrovie, to promote broad expert discussion of foreign policy course of the Republic held by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR.

We would remind you, that the first issue of the program was dedicated to the tactics of “small steps”, marked by the leadership of the PMR as the method of settlement of topical socio-economical issues in relations with Moldova. Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Nina Shtanski answered the questions of experts. Different interpretation of given tactics by different political forces allowed to make a conclusion – broad public and expert discussion is really indispensable for Pridnestrovie.

You may watch video version of the first issue here.

Eurasian processes on the post-Soviet territory, perspective of their development and influence on political and economical life of the Republic and of abroad countries became the topic of the second issue of “Public Diplomacy”. You may watch video version of the second issue here.

The PMR's MFA publishes theses, voice during interesting expert discussion.

Vitaly Ignatiev, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR:

Historical and civilization basis of the PMR is oriented on eastern sector. In 90-s it was the PMSSR that became “an island”, wishing to preserve Soviet civilization space. We are Russian, cultural, multilingual society. For us there is no alternative to Eurasian integration.

Elena Bobkova, Director of Independent Centre of Analytical Researches “Novy Vek”:

Today the idea of annexation to the state, which is capable to protect Pridnestrovie, is very popular in Pridnestrovian society. In this context it is Russia that is of interest of public consciousness of Pridnestrovians.

It should be noted that European vector is also accepted openly and positively by the Pridnestrovian people. The priority, however, remains with the Russian course.

Vasily Kashirin, Candidate of Historic Science, Senior Research Associate of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies.

The process of Eurasian integration is an extremely ambitious project for Pridnestrovie, though fully complying with the general Russian course carried out by Vladimir Putin. At the same time, it is a task for a whole generation.

Diplomacy is the art of the possible. Is it possible to integrate somewhere under conditions of non-recognition? Yes. Notably, regional methods of integration are a single option, hence, one should use existent ties.

Boris Panko, Vice-Chairman of the State Customs Committee of the PMR.

Our customs authorities have been long collaborating with countries entering the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. This collaboration is connected with information and legal support and educational programs.

We realize that joining Eurasian space bears certain risks for us. We will take measures to minimize them.

Yuri Ganin, Vice-President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the PMR.

Theoretically, it is possible for Pridnestrovie to join Europe but only via Moldova. This means that we risk losing our independence. Our enterprises already today face pressure in various forms on the part of Moldova; therefore I am sure that Moldova will prove to be a way unpromising for us.

Ivan Uzun, Deputy Dean of Economic Faculty of T.G. Shevchenko Pridnestrovian State University.

Our Republic is located at the crossroads of economic and financial flows. So, we cannot but take into account the European vector. Primarily, we have to develop the Black Sea region, with due consideration of the Ukrainian factor. In this issue politics should not prevail over economy.

Valery Klimenko, Head of Congress of Russian Communities in Moldova

Pridnestrovie is not alone in her strife for Eurasian integration. Process of signatures collection is going on in the Republic of Moldova today to hold referendum on her entry into Customs Union. More that 70% of Moldovan citizens sympathize Russia and Putin and see their future in cooperation with Russia.

I assume that Pridnestrovie can enter Eurasian union but in framework of some economic community.

And of course the Republic of Moldova will try to prevent it in every way possible.

Vladimir Korobov, Director of Center of Studies of South-Ukrainian Borderland:

Today we are facing historical challenge. We should extend existing intellectual potential of Pridnestrovie with public diplomacy. It is very important, because we should orientate on so-called “foreign-political feelings” of the voters. We should all return to our Eurasian home.

In current conditions all the world is interested in Pridnestrovie, which is very important for image of the PMR. You can use the potential of the expert community by holding international scientific and scientific-practical events here.

Igor Shornikov, Head of Department for Public Communications and Information-Technical Support of the PMR's MFA

Pridnestrovie has already assigned unachievable missions and managed to solve them. We won in 1990s by creating our state. Our people made its choice which depended neither of Ukraine, nor of Moldova. That is why we are de-facto living in independent state.

Today we are assigning ourselves new colossal task. We will be able to achieve it if we unite our forces. We should use all possible information resources and seek for support of our friends in Russia.