Agenda of Official Negotiation Process


Topics to be covered will be divided into different baskets. Working on any basket will take into account agreements and documents signed earlier by the sides. Continuing work in the framework of existing and future working groups will make contribution to negotiations on each relevant basket. Issue regarding guarantees of realization of agreements reached will also be part of negotiations within each basket.

The baskets include among other issues and in a random order:

• Socio-economic issues:

- free movement of population, goods, services and assets, including customs procedures and telecommunications;

- financial, banking and fiscal issues;

- property;

- transport and infrastructure;

- cultural cooperation, including education;

- agriculture and environmental protection;

- healthcare;

- other confidence-building measures.

• General legal and humanitarian issues and human rights:

- respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms;

- encouraging dialogue at all levels of society, inter alia activity of civil society and interpersonal contacts;

- freedom of mass media;

- general legal issues, inter alia issues related to previously reached agreements;

- other confidence-building measures.

• Comprehensive settlement, including institutional and political matters and security issues.