Sergey Gavrilov: “I Hope that all Pridnestrovian Deputies Understand Our Common Responsibility for Development of Interaction with Russia”

Sergey Gavrilov: “I Hope that all Pridnestrovian Deputies Understand Our Common Responsibility for Development of Interaction with Russia”

Today Pridnestrovian foreign office saw a briefing – deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Chairman of the State Duma's Committee of the Russian Federation on Issues of Ownership and Coordinator of Inter-fractional Group of Deputies on Cooperation with the Supreme Soviet of the PMR Sergey Gavrilov and Chairman of the Expert Council under the Inter-fractional Group Andrey Tserne answered the questions of the representatives of Pridnestrovian Media.

Journalists touched upon the topics of increasing of cooperation between Russia and Pridnestrovie, implementation of socio-economical and humanitarian projects, stabilization of political situation in the region and situation with military contingent of the banks of the Dniester.

According to Russian guests, the main task for today is to intensify as soon as possible the interaction between Russia and Pridnestrovie on all directions. Sergey Gavrilov positively evaluated the course of the leadership of the republic who held active politics directed on the development of cooperation with Russia. “During the meetings with the representatives of the leadership and major factions of the State Duma of the RF Pridnestrovian President Yevgeny Shevchuk received full support and solidarity with his position,” he said.

During the visit to Pridnestrovie deputies of the State Duma of the RF plan to meet the representatives of all branches of state power of the republic in order to define the most complicated problems in socio-economical sphere and elaborate effective approaches to solve them.

In particular, Sergey Gavrilov positively assessed the project “Eurasian Region Pridnestrovie” which aroused particular interest not only on the part of political quarters of the Russian Federation, but also of the scientific community. According to the opinion of guests from Russia, this is a wide basis for development of economical, customs, infrastructural, socio-humanitarian cooperation with Pridnestrovie, neighboring districts of Ukraine and Moldova with the participation of Russian regions.

Deputy also reported that the State Duma of the RF actively works on implementation of programs of support of Pridnestrovie in overcoming of economical difficulties. First of all these programs touch on strengthening of financial stability of the state, assistance in the sphere of retirement benefits, of school and preschool education, provision of educational materials, modernization of medical equipment and other spheres.

According to Sergey Gavrilov, implementation of a number of interesting projects via civil society institutions within the framework of grants is planned for the next year. In particular, the activity will be directed on reforming of the systems of housing and communal sector, road infrastructure, revival of railroad traffic, agrarian complex, modernization of industry, and rendering of assistance to Pridnestrovian enterprises in entering the market of the Russian Federation. Deputy reported that particular attention will be paid to advanced training and modernization of Pridnestrovian Mass Media. “This is made in order for Pridnestrovian Mass Media to correspond to modern requirements both from the point of view of appointment of personnel and one of material support,” Sergey Gavrilov said.

Answering the questions of journalists, deputy also noticed that the goals connected with fortification of material basis of Russian peacekeeping contingent are topical. “We have every reason to support the peacekeeping contingent in a proper order. This corresponds to the interests of security of both Russia and Pridnestrovie, because we think that there were enough alarming signals in Security Zone over last six months,” Sergey Gavrilov said.

At the end of the meeting Russian deputy once again emphasized productive politics of the leadership of the republic. “I am glad that new leadership of Pridnestrovie dynamically, substantially and pragmatically stands up for the interests of the republic in Moscow, developing interaction on all basic directions,” Sergey Gavrilov said. According to deputy, today it is important not only to fix the range of problems, but also to develop certain decisions. He expressed hope on corresponding reaction of colleagues in the Supreme Soviet. “I hopethat all Pridnestrovian deputies understand our common responsibility for preservation of political stability and peace in the republic and for development of interaction with Russia. I believe that we will develop dynamical, fraternal and friendly cooperation,” Russian deputy made a conclusion.