Articles and Interviews

On January 21, head of the PMR’s foreign office Nina Shtanski gave exclusive interview to Observer program, which goes on the air of First Republican TV channel. 
While staying in Moscow with working visit, PMR’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Yastrebchak commented upon the statement of the President of the RF Dmitriy Medvedev in connection with plans of the USA on deployment of system of missile defense in Europe during the interview to REGNUM Informational Agency.

Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR, Vladimir Yastrebchak, met with journalists of Al Jazeera TV Channel. Film crew of this international television company prepares report on political and economic situation in Pridnestrovie.


One of the main foreign policy events for Pridnestrovie in September has become its participation in another round of informal consultations between participants of the Permanent Consultations on Political Issues in the Framework of the Pridnestrovian Settlement Negotiation Process (the five plus two format) held in Vienna on 27-28 September.

Over the last 20 years Pridnestrovien state has gone through a number of stages in its development which have been correspondingly reflected in the sphere of foreign policy.