Igor Shornikov on Public Diplomacy Project: “We should form belief in Russian public opinion that Pridnestrovie is an integral part of Eurasian space”


- I agree with the experts who say that we have no future in European Union. We've already discussed issue of rather substantial goals we are trying to achieve. Maybe these goals can be even called impossible. But I would like to remind that we, Pridnestrovians, have repeatedly allotted ourselves goals which many considered to be unachievable. There was time when we were creating our state. Hardly anybody believed we will succeed in it, but now we are celebrating 20th anniversary of Pridnestrovian diplomacy. I think that our state is an established one. In 1992 unarmed people rose to defend their nationhood and hardly anybody believed they will be able to stand in armed conflict with Moldova which had regular troops. But today we live in de-facto independent state. In 2006 we had economic blockade. Pridnestrovie was blocked from both sides. We have no common border with Russia. Did we have a chance back then? Yes, there was one and we used it. We managed to consolidate our society. And now, if we want to preserve our identity, if we want to fell ourselves people and not “non-citizens” (as Russians in Baltic States, for example), we have no other alternative except integration in the Eurasian union.

Today we are assigning ourselves new substantial, colossal task. Maybe it can be even called impossible by someone. But if we consolidate around this idea we will certainly accomplish this goal. How? I mentioned year 2006, time of economic blockade. We managed to hold because of Russia. Russia helped us after massive information campaign to save Pridnestrovie. A lot of journalists of central Russian channels were here and only after that campaign Russia could undertake measures on political level. I believe we have possibilities now to start the process of Eurasian integration by using informational resource. We have a lot of friends in Russia. They are helping us. We can be helped in informational sphere.

If we form social order in Russian public opinion, the belief that Pridnestrovie is an integral part of Eurasian space, that it should be in that space, than it will be much easier for us when we start to cooperate, to promote this policy in economic sphere, in sphere of customs regulation, etc. Because our colleagues will understand that integration of Pridnestrovie into Eurasian structures is inevitable.