Dmitry Rogozin: Peace in Pridnestrovie will be maintained due to Russian Presence

Dmitry Rogozin: Peace in Pridnestrovie will be maintained due to Russian Presence

Russia has exclusive rights as a peacekeeper in Pridnestrovie. Our arrival is conducted in order to demonstrate that Russia will not allow any bloodshed here, – Russian Vice-premier Dmitry Rogozin stated today while speaking in Pridnestrovian State University.

During the conversation with students and professors of the University Russian diplomat stressed that Russia will do all she can in order to preserve peace and to contribute for good of people who were born on this land and who kept loyalty to Russia for these 20 years. We will not allow the spread of panic and creation of nervous situation on Dniester – Dmitry Rogozin said. According to his words only in conditions of peace and security serious economic and social issues, in which Pridnestrovian and Moldovan citizens are interested in, can be solved.

Touching the issue of peacekeeping operation in Pridnestrovie, Vice-Premier noticed that Russian leadership is planning to relocate funds in order to reequip Russian military forces. According to his words it is planned to rearm 70% of Russian army with modern equipment which surpassed foreign weaponry.

This applies to the military contingent stationed in Pridnestrovie. There should be peace on this land. And it will be preserved due to presence of Russian peacekeepers for as much time as it is needed, – diplomat noticed.

Dmitry Rogozin excluded the possibility of Russian withdraw from the region due to some foreign pressure. Russia completely understands its responsibility for preservation of peace in Pridnestrovie and this responsibility can not be washed away by any political environment, - Rogozin pointed out.