On the Results of the Meeting Between Nina Shtanski and Evgeny Karpov

On the Results of the Meeting Between Nina Shtanski and Evgeny Karpov

Today the meeting of the political representatives in Moldova-Pridnestrovie settlement process of Pridnestrovie and Moldova Nina Shtanski and Yevgeny Karpov took place in the Kishinev office of OSCE Mission. Representatives of the members of the Permanent Conference also took part in the meeting.

Political representatives discussed some issues in the sphere of freedom of transportation, mutual retranslation of TV channels, optimization of procedure of nostrification of Pridnestrovian documents, removal of ionizing radiation sources from the territory of Pridnestrovie and problems in banking sphere and foreign economic activity of Pridnestrovie economic agents.

In particular high attention was given to discussion of procedure of granting permits to Pridnestrovie to conduct international freight transportations in context of proposal of neutral design of registration plates. It should be reminded that during the meeting of political representatives on October 19, 2012 in Tiraspol Pridnestrovian side proposed a compromise variant of registration plates developed on the basis of international legislation. Regrettably, Moldovan side did not demonstrate enough political will to accept such compromise decision.

While restoring chronology of this problem it should be noted that earlier Yevgeny Karpov expressed readiness of the Moldovan side to accept the neutral design of registration plates for Pridnestrovian vehicles conducting international transportations. Such registration plates conceptually should have no indications of their belonging to Moldova or Pridnestrovie. However for reasons undefined Moldova's representatives changed their position on this issue twice. Today Yevgeny Karpov proposed variant of registration plate which was absolutely identical to the EUBAM's project which have been passed to Pridnestrovian side on the eve of September round of negotiations. The concept of the design was the following: registration plates should have markings ‘MD' and ‘TN' on them, and such design, according to Moldovan side, made them neutral. Pridnestrovian side considered it impossible to accept the EUBAM's proposal which was now disguised as Moldovan one. “We are not ready to accept such proposal, especially taking into consideration the fact that our position is well known to Moldovan side”, – Nina Shtanski said.

The sides did not manage to advance in resolving problems in telecommunications sphere. Pridnestrovie demonstrated good will and for 10 months of 2012 transmitted Moldovan TV channels ‘Publika TV' and ‘Moldova 1' on the territory of Pridnestrovie. At the same time Pridnestrovian experts in telecommunications sphere conducted negotiations in order to provide presence of ‘First Pridnestrovian TV Channel' in Moldova's TV viewing grid. But Moldovan side did not demonstrate readiness to make reciprocal move. “In this connection since yesterday ‘Publika TV' channel was removed from Pridnestrovian viewing grid. If there is no further progress in this issue ‘Moldova 1' channel shall also cease to be broadcasted in Pridnestrovie”, – political representative of Pridnestrovie informed.

At the same time participants managed to reach compromise on number of issues. Thus, political representative of the Republic of Moldova Yevgeny Karpov informed participants that in nearest future Moldovan side shall make all the necessary changes in corresponding regulations in order to provide optimal procedure of nostrification of Pridnestrovian documents confirming education (without withdrawal of originals).

The issue of removal of ionizing radiation sources from the territory of Pridnestrovie to the special objects in the Republic of Moldova was also discussed. Nina Shtanski informed that on November 8, 2012 removal of one party of such radioactive sources will take place from three Pridnestrovian facilities with the technical assistance of the OSCE.

During the meeting Yevgeny Karpov brought up the issue of creation of subgroup on human rights which was recommended by Chairman-in-Person of the OSCE following the results of the meeting of the Permanent Conference of September 12-13, 2012. Pridnestrovian side had no objections on considerations of principle against this initiative. As Nina Shtanski noted: “It is not so important in framework of which expert group it will be crated. It is more important for this subgroup to work and bring practical results”.

Participants of the meeting paid attention to discussion of problems of foreign economic and banking activity of Pridnestrovian economic agents. Nina Shtanski announced the intention of Pridnestrovian side to proceed with the discussion of these topical issues during the next round of the Permanent Conference which is to take place in Dublin late in November. In connection with this Pridnestrovian diplomat proposed to hold a meeting of political representatives on these issues before the round of negotiations in Dublin.

Answering the questions of journalists after the meeting Nina Shtanski commented on some provisions of the new edition of the Foreign Policy Concept of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Head of the PMR's MFA explained that according to the Foreign Policy Concept Eurasian integration, which is proclaimed as the national idea of Pridnestrovie, is the top-priority of the foreign policy. Negotiations process is also considered to be an important direction. “To my mind this is the serious factor which proves our will to activate and proceed with our work in framework of negotiations process which includes along with Tiraspol and Kishinev also international actors”, – Pridnestrovian diplomat said. Nina Shtanski also noted that Pridnestrovie is conducting open political dialogue with all partners interested in building civilized relations with us.

Summarizing the results of the meeting, Nina Shtanski stated that today's meeting was reduced to exchange of information. “Regrettably, we are not observing any progress about which Yevgeny Karpov was talking. We have different views on the situation, which is a serious problem in my opinion, which hinders activation of dialogue. But we are going to proceed”, – Head of the PMR's MFA summarized.