Cooperation Projects with UNICEF Were Discussed at the Pridnestrovian MFA

Cooperation Projects with UNICEF Were Discussed at the Pridnestrovian MFA

Today, Foreign Ministry of Pridnestrovie hosted the meeting between Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the PMR for International Cooperation, Foreign Minister of the PMR Nina Shtanski and newly appointed representative of United Nations Children's Fund in Moldova Nune Mangasaryan. Participating in the meeting were also Deputy Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev and Chief of Health and Education at UNICEF in Moldova Cornel Riscanu.

 Extensive experience of constructive cooperation between Pridnestrovie and UNICEF was marked during the meeting. Previously, UNICEF supported a number of projects on providing technical assistance to medical staff, in particular, necessary material-technical equipment.

Cooperation between Pridnestrovian side and UNICEF is mainly focused on improvement of the situation of children and women and prenatal help for pregnant women. In particular, several projects are planned in the field of perinatal care. “Thanks to efforts by UNICEF, the World Health Organization and UN Development Program we managed to significantly improve situation in this area. Today towns and districts have advanced equipment, doctors get up-to-date knowledge in this field. These results were achieved due to close cooperation with UNICEF and other organizations of UN family. Of course, we are interested in this cooperation to be expanded,” Nina Shtanski marked.

 High assessment of perinatal medicine of Pridnestrovie by international experts in the course of the training organized by UNICEF in Yerevan (Armenia) late this October serves as a confirmation of Minister's words. “According to the level of perinatal medicine, Pridnestrovie ranks 2-3 among the CIS countries. We would hardly succeed to achieve such results without UNICEF assistance,” the head of the foreign office stressed.    

 Another area of work with UNICEF in Pridnestrovie is implementation of the household cluster survey (MICS). Complex population surveys are carried out in the framework of this program. The last such survey took place in 2000.

Other topical issues of cooperation in social sphere were also discussed in the course of the meeting.