On Removal of Obsolete Pesticides from Pridnestrovie

On Removal of Obsolete Pesticides from Pridnestrovie
On Removal of Obsolete Pesticides from Pridnestrovie

Today, Voronkovo village of the Rybnitsa raion saw preparatory works on re-packing of obsolete pesticides completed. Procedure of their removal will be started tomorrow. Amount of the first load of toxic chemicals subject to removal will be about 30 tons. The pesticides are expected to be transported to a specialized plant in Germany where they will be utilized in compliance with modern technologies. Before the end of 2013, all obsolete pesticides from Rybnitsa raion of Pridnestrovie are planned to have been removed. 

Directly involved in the process of  collection and repackaging of  toxic chemicals were representatives of SAVA Company (Germany), Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Foreign Ministry of the PMR. Preparatory activities have been carried out during 2013. Removal will be the final stage of the whole process.

According to relevant institutions, Pridnestrovie has no appropriate technologies and enterprises specializing in utilization of toxic chemicals unsuitable for future use. Obsolete pesticides being on the territory of the Republic pose potential risks both for the environment and directly for livelihood of the population.

As far back as in 2009, Pridnestrovian agency responsible for environmental issues carried out preliminary monitoring of the quantity, storage sites and state of the pesticides located in Pridnestrovie. Analysis of the situation showed that significant investments and involvement of specialists having expertise in this area are needed to solve this problem.

Along with this, Foreign Ministry of the PMR conducted negotiations with potential donors. Readiness to render financial assistance in the implementation of this project was expressed by the OSCE Mission. In the course of further consultations with the OSCE a foreign contractor was defined – German SAVA Company, which jointly with the Pridnestrovian side began developing mechanism for removal and disposal of obsolete pesticides.

According to estimates of experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources carried out in 2013, raions of the Republic still have a significant amount of obsolete pesticides subject to repackaging and removal from Pridnestrovie.  

In this regard, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR is intended to continue systemic and consistent work aimed at protection of public health and environment.   

Photo: NR2