Nina Shtanski: “New sanctions of Moldova against Pridnestrovian car owners are “an own goal” ”


Nina Shtanski called Moldova’s new sanctions against Pridnestrovian car owners as “an own goal”

She said on her Facebook page that this news was a “wake-up call”. According to her, the introduction of a ban on movement across the RM’s border for vehicles with Pridnestrovian registration is not a new invention of the Moldovan side.

“Imagine that this is about a decision that was established normatively by the Government of the RM in 2009. And after so many years, on August 24, as the Moldovan media report, that is in two days after my meeting with Victor Osipov, the decision was taken out of an “old chest” suddenly and put into effect. The logic of our Moldovan partners’ actions is not clear. Introducing every new sanctions measure against Pridnestrovie, the Moldovan side delivers a blow not only on Pridnestrovians, it smashes totally and utterly the image of a “constructive and committed to a dialogue negotiator” so carefully created in the eyes of the international relations experts. “It is an own goal. Freedom of movement is one of the priorities of the negotiation process, it is indicated in the first row of the agenda of negotiations signed in 2012, it is recognized by all “5+2” members”, – writes the Pridnestrovian diplomat.

She reminded that in order to ensure freedom of movement the parties broke a lot of copies not so long ago, solving the problem of auto insurance so that cars can move both to Moldova, and Pridnestrovie, wherever they were registered.

Earlier, the Foreign Ministry of the PMR spread information on the address sent to Special Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office Radojko Bogojevic urging to join in clarifying the situation immediately and to use all resources to prevent the escalation of tensions. As well as the request to provide official explanations on the matter immediately was sent to Kishinev, to the Moldovan negotiator Viktor Osipov.